The Camarillo Academy of Performing Arts Company was founded in the year 2000 with the purpose of training and developing young artists to reach their fullest potential as performers. The Company standard is based on three fundamental principles: respect, gratitude and solid work ethic. With these guiding principals in mind, we strive to provide an environment of camaraderie, community, and collaboration where our performers can thrive. 

Our performance company begins its season each August where our dancers have the opportunity to work with highly talented choreographers who set fun, innovative and moving pieces on our dancers. After practicing and perfecting these pieces in their weekly company rehearsals, they perform them at regional dance competitions, local Camarillo events, and community outreach performances. In addition to these performances, our company dancers have the opportunity to participate in nationally touring dance conventions, Disney performing arts programs and various master classes taught by visiting guest artists. This range of performance and educational opportunities helps our dancers to discover the joy and artistry of dance, and have the ability to share their talent and skill with audiences. We are so proud of our company of dance artists! Here are a few of their accolades from the past season!

We are so proud of our team of dance artists! Here are a few of their accolades and accomplishments from 2021:

More than 20 scholarships to regional and national dance conventions earned

Multiple Judges’ Awards, High Score Finalists, and high honors received

Team CAPA dancers currently hold the following titles: 

Mini Miss Dance Pacific Coast

Petite Miss Dance Pacific Coast

Teen Miss Dance Pacific Coast (1st Runner Up)

Teen Miss Dance Pacific Coast (2nd Runner Up)


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“CAPA helped me to grow in many ways: Technically, my classes gave me advanced skill and strength. Artistically, my teachers, especially my mentor, Miss Ashley Feinsinger, gave me creativity and passion. Emotionally, my teachers, studio directors, and fellow dancers provided a warm environment that nurtured my deep love of dance from a very young age. I’m so happy that I grew up in, and will always be part of, the CAPA family.”

- Michele Carter
Alumni, Juilliard School

“My years as a CAPA student gave me a strong foundation to excel as a dancer. The training I received provided me with strong technique as well as the versatility that is needed to succeed in today’s dance world. Most importantly, the relationships I made with friends, teachers, and directors will be lifelong. I am honored now to teach and choreograph alongside my childhood mentors.”

- Crystaldawn Bell
Alumni, California Institute of the Arts
Dancer, Robert Moses’ Kin, San Francisco, CA

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“I brought my then 2-year-old daughter Emily to her first ballet class at CAPA for the first time over ten years ago. Little did I know that it was the first of thousands of trips to CAPA, that it would become a second home and family to her, and that it would literally change the course of her life. Now, as she spends her summers dancing and studying across the country with some of the world’s most renowned ballet teachers and schools, including the Kirov Academy and the School of American Ballet, we are always so happy to come home to CAPA, which has given her the confidence, skill, and passion to pursue her dream.”

- Kathy Ireland
Mother of Emily Ireland

CAPA is a wonderful place to learn how to dance because I feel like I am free to be myself and express my feelings through dance. Everyone is so nice, I feel “at home,” as if we are one big CAPA Family!

- Kendyl Y. 
CAPA Student, age 12

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"I took my first steps when I was 3 years old at CAPA and continued as a competitive dancer until I was in high school. The numerous competitions we did helped me learn how to manage stressful situations while the daily training taught me discipline. Through my time at CAPA, I not only became a better performer, but was introduced to my two mentors: Maggie Danielsen (tap instructor) and Vanessa Townsell (vocal coach). Both Maggie and Vanessa introduced me to musical theater and helped me become a more well-rounded, stronger performer. Without their support and encouragement, I never would have known to pursue a career in musical theater and would have never found my passion. The dance training I received at CAPA was essential in many roles I had in community and regional theater, but was especially key when I joined the Angelica 1st National Tour of Hamilton, initially as a dance swing. I currently am the Standby on tour where I cover the leading ladies: the Schuyler sisters. Although I do not dance as much these days, I am forever grateful for my dance background because it helped open doors and allowed me to take my first steps into my career. Without my years of dance training at CAPA and my introduction to my mentors, I would not be where I am today.  

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Kendyl Sayuri Yokoyama
Hamilton, Angelica First National Tour